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Precision Mover Data, Analytics, Predictive Modeling

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Effective mover marketing demands pre-mover data that is fresh, accurate, complete, and reliable. It demands mover marketing analytical skills to anticipate and model mover behavior. And it demands an ability to execute turnkey mover marketing campaigns with precision timing.

Why Target Data

We are the preeminent leaders in pre-mover marketing. Our people possess world-class data, technology, and analytics backgrounds in pre-mover marketing. And our proprietary, data-driven approach is purpose-built for pre-mover marketers, providing our customers with deeper insights and first-to-market advantage to achieve unprecedented success. 

Top Solutions

  • Pre-Mover Data Licensing
    We provide the earliest, most accurate, and comprehensive pre-mover data… updated continually…for first-to-market advantage.
  • Pre-Mover Analytics and Behavioral Modeling
    We apply analytics and proprietary modeling to anticipate and model pre-mover behavior… improving targeting and minimizing waste.
  • Custom Direct Marketing
    We deliver turnkey direct mail solutions customized with your branding and offers…from campaign planning to mailing services to fulfillment. 

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